Disability Is Accesibility

We work towards dignifying holistically lives of the most vulnerable persons with disabilities.
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Empowering the lives of women, children and youth with disabilities in Tanzania, Africa & Beyond

Provide guidance and empowerment on self-esteemed projects, training, workshops and facilities to counselling, physiotherapy and sustainable income programs to raise the dignity and income for the most vulnerable persons with disabilities.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view persons with disabilities in our community. We have to step up as individuals and take the lead.


We organize inclusive events for Women, Children & Youth with disabilities.

20 FEBRUARY 2021

The theme was to showcase the unlimitted abilities a person has and to link that into “Not underating a person with disabilities capabilities”.

7 MARCH 2021

70 disabled girls from a disabled primary school in Dar es Salaam were given sanitary pads as a way of giving back to the community.

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Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act.
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